Vatican Museum Useful Advice

Security looks at by metal indicator:

To work with and accelerate security checks by the metal locator, guests are encouraged to eliminate prohibited things from their hand stuff ahead of time and to illuminate staff ahead of time.

Luggage, bags, and rucksacks

Before entering the exhibition spaces, guests are expected to leave in the cloakroom all gear, bags, backpacks, bundles, and holders not considered reasonable by staff on record of their size or nature. The cloakroom administration is for nothing.

Umbrellas, sticks, stands, and camcorders

Medium and enormous umbrellas (or standard non-adjustable umbrellas), sticks (aside from those utilized for strolling), mounts and represents photography, camcorders, pennants, and indications of any sort should be in every way left in the cloakroom.

Poles utilized by approved local escorts for permeability designs are allowed.

The cloakroom administration is free of charge.

Blades, scissors, and metal devices

To guarantee the security of guests and to safeguard the imaginative patrimony, the Vatican Museum requires all blades, scissors, or potentially metal devices of different kinds to be put away in the cloakroom. The cloakroom administration is for nothing.

Weapons and additionally risky materials

It is taboo to bring any kind of gun and additionally hazardous materials into the Museum. Moreover, the section isn’t allowed to outfit visitors(including those holding a substantial permit).

This restriction is reached by individuals from the Police conveying weapons.

Guns and dangerous materials may not be left in the cloakroom.

Relaxation areas

Relaxation areas with seats are located along the museum itinerary to enable the visitor to take a break and rest (Courtyard of the Cuirasses, Courtyard of the Pinacoteca, Square Garden, Courtyard of the Pinecone).

Photography at the Vatican Museums

Except for the Sistine Chapel, all areas of the Vatican Museums are open to personal and domestic photography, but Flash Photography is strictly prohibited.

Professional equipment (tripods, stands, drones, etc.) or tripods are not permitted; any use must first be authorized by the Museums and Cultural Heritage Directorate.

Lost and Found

The guest is instructed to report any misfortune regarding individual assets at the closest security point, to guarantee the item is found. Kindly note that things found and not recovered before the day’s over will be set away at the Vatican Gendarmery. On no occasion might the Vatican Historical centers at any point be considered liable for the deficiency of individual possessions.